Pallavi Kumkum (Gopi/Tilak) 2-in-1, 20 Flaps


About this item

  • Available in 5 different colours (Red, black, maroon, light maroon and dark maroon) and 13 different sizes with 20 flaps in 1 packet.
  • 100% high quality non-woven breathable fabric; 0% PVC
  • 100% skin-friendly gum that matches the pH of skin
  • Gum contains antimicrobial preservatives for safe multiple or single use
  • Vegan product and cruelty-free (not tested on animals).
G 1-11 mm
G 2-08 mm
G 3-06 mm
G 4-02.95 mm
G 5-05 mm
G 6-08 mm
G 7-10 mm
G 8-14 mm
G 9-20 mm
G10-20 mm
G11-15 mm
G12-10 mm
G13-02.45 mm
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Product Description:

Get the refined traditional Indian look with this sticker kumkum. Ideal for regular use, it’s made out of breathable material, making it skin-friendly and irritation-free. Available in 5 colourful options, add effortless grace to any ethnic look.



Breathable fabric with gum whose pH matches the skin

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 11 × 3.4 × 8 cm

Black, Dark Maroon, Light Maroon, Maroon, Red


G 1-11 mm, G 2-08 mm, G 3-06 mm, G 4-02.95 mm, G 5-05 mm, G 6-08 mm, G 7-10 mm, G 8-14 mm, G 9-20 mm, G10-20 mm, G11-15 mm, G12-10 mm, G13-02.45 mm


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