Aravind Laboratories is the flagship of the Eyetex Group of Companies engaged in the manufacture of cosmetics since 1938, when Sri Vasudevan started to make Kajal under this Brand. Initially he manufactured Kajal (Kanmye / Katuka / Kankappu / Kanmashi/Kohl etc.,) and Kumkum (Bindi) “Chandu” liquid in glass bottles. With superior quality and unique preparations, the Brand Eyetex gained immense popularity & was sold in the then Madras State only. The Kajal was so popular that the brand Eyetex became synonymous with Kajal.
In March 1958, the current Promoter’s family headed by Late Sri A.V. Srinivasan acquired the business. The business expanded considerably with the launch of Kumkum (Bindi) preparations (Liquid Kumkum, Kumkum Paste, Kumkum Powder, Sticker Kumkum, Multi-color Kumkum liquid, Kumkum pencils), Eyebrow Pencils and Eyeliner liquid all under the brand name Eyetex. The Firm expanded its Range with attractive Plastic Containers and introduced the concept of Multi Coloured Kumkum in Liquid, Paste and Powder forms.
Since the 1960s the Firm expanded their sales in South India by appointing Distributors in Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and Karnataka. From mid seventies, the Firm extended its marketing reach in North India by entering Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa and Gujarat.
In 1968, the Firm built an exclusive facility of 4500 Sq.Ft to produce Lamp Black from Vegetable Oils such as Gingili (Til OR Sesame) & Castor Oils with an installed capacity to burn 180 kgs of Oils and get adequate Lamp Black as per Traditional Ayurvedic Systems that are in vogue in INDIA over 1000’s of years for the manufacture of Eyetex Kajal.
Early seventies saw the introduction of liquid Kumkum in Plastic containers of different sizes. Matt Finish Kumkum was launched in Plastic Tubes in two sizes in mid seventies. Gradually the Brand Eyetex gained the top position amongst the Trade & the consumers for these varieties; nearly 18 million pieces are sold/year in three sub brands Poornima, Divyaa and Pallavi.
In 1982, the Firm added another 6000 Sq.Ft of factory space and leased another 5000 Sq.Ft for their ever-expanding production needs.
Mid eighties saw the launch of Kumkum Stickers under Pallavi sub Brand. This was converted to a 2 in 1 pack selling double the number of Kumkum Stickers Spots in all sizes to the Consumers for the MRP of the single pack charged by all manufacturers. Thus, we are the originators of “Buy 1 Take 1 Free” concept in India! This became so popular over the years that other leading Brands have followed us by offering 2 in 1 Packs!
In 1996, the Firm added 30,000 Sq.Feet of additional space in their own 2.33 acres’ plot in Ramapuram, Chennai 600089, to house all manufacturing activities under one roof.
The Firm upgraded the quality of the Pallavi Kumkum Stickers in 1997 by switching over to an exclusive non-woven based flocked fabric (only Brand in India to do so till date) & doing away with the harmful PVC based flock fabric. The manufacturing procedure was so upgraded that no part of the human skin retained any traces of the adhesive applied on the fabric. The adhesive never gets transferred to the skin on the forehead and the pH of the adhesive matched that of the skin avoiding any chances of skin irritation.
Gradually, the Brand Eyetex gained immense popularity and Trust from the millions of women who had become its loyal consumers. A variety of attractive packs, excellent quality of the products, regular coverage of the markets with excellent after sales services resulted in Eyetex becoming the market leaders in town after town and state after state.
Brand Eyetex became a living legend for Traditional or “Religious” range of Cosmetics. The foray into the “Colour” Cosmetic segment began in 1985, with the introduction of Eyeliner; since 2002, the firm launched a wide range of Colour Cosmetics such as Mascara, Nail Polish, Lipstick, Lip Gloss, Liquid Makeup, Compact Powder, Nail Polish Remover, Liquid Lip Colour, Lip Gel, Face Powder, Talcum Powder, Eyeshadow, Combination Packs etc., under the sub brand .
Currently there are over 440 Staff in the factory engaged in the production apart from plant and machinery worth several millions producing State of the Art, World Class Cosmetics & Personal Care Products.
The firm is committed to produce best quality products and constantly upgrades the manufacturing processes, packaging & labelling on a regular basis to deliver “More Value for Less Money” to their millions of Customers all over the country and abroad. Latest Raw materials, Packing Containers, Colours & Chemicals are imported from China, Taiwan, Europe, United States, Japan etc., to ensure that the best possible finished products are brought on line for the consumers.
The Firm has added another 60,000 Sq.Ft of Factory Floor Space in Ramapuram for its expansion and to ensure GMP Norms in the Production, Storage etc., and has mechanised many of the operations to ensure consistent quality.
The firm has extended its marketing on an All-India level by opening up the States of Bihar, Chattisgarh, Delhi, Goa, Punjab, Haryana, Jammu & Kashmir, Jharkhand, Rajasthan, Uttaranchal, Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, etc., – now totalling 22 states.
There are two main depots & 25 Super Stockist points efficiently supplying stocks on the trot to 750 distributors all over the country, serviced by 600+ Marketing Staff & Beauty Advisors, at different levels. This Supply Chain ensures that our products reach over 135,000 exclusive retail & wholesale outlets all over India. The popularity of the Eyetex brand is also evident from the fact that the products are available in markets around the world where Indians are settled.
The Firm has two Testing Laboratories to test the Raw Materials & Finished Products for conformity with the Legal Requirements of the Drugs & Cosmetics Act & Rules and the relevant BIS Specifications. We also test the products for Bacterial & Micro Biological Contamination. We are now authorised by the State Drugs Control Directorate to carry out In House Testing and issue Test Certificates thereof.
Eight of the ten partners are Post Graduates; all Partners have a wide range of experience in Development / Production / Testing / Logistics / Sales / Finance / Administration.
Religious cosmetics
Timeless Kajal and Kumkum
Since 1938
In addition to our iconic pot Kajal and kumkum, more recent additions include Eyetex Kajal Supreme Max Herbal, Liquid Sindoor.
Range of Makeup, beauty products and Skin care
Launched in 2002 Eyeliner, Mascara, Eyeshadow, Nail Glitter, Lip liner, Lipstick, Lip gloss, Powder and Liquid Foundation
Skin Care launched in 2008.
Explore our range of skin care – Face Wash, Scrub, Cleaning Milk, Lotions, Skikakai Hair wash, Body Talc.
Launched in 2013 Luxury products with Herbal focus Full range of makeup essentials. Foundation, Nail Glitter, Lipstick and Eye makeup.
Brand Eyetex became a living legend for Traditional or “Religious” range of Cosmetics.
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