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Consumer care number (044) 22492072
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Religious cosmetics
Timeless Kajal and Kumkum
Since 1938
In addition to our iconic pot Kajal and kumkum, more recent additions include Eyetex Kajal Supreme Max Herbal, Liquid Sindoor.
Range of Makeup, beauty products and Skin care
Launched in 2002 Eyeliner, Mascara, Eyeshadow, Nail Glitter, Lip liner, Lipstick, Lip gloss, Powder and Liquid Foundation
Skin Care launched in 2008.
Explore our range of skin care – Face Wash, Scrub, Cleaning Milk, Lotions, Skikakai Hair wash, Body Talc.
Launched in 2013 Luxury products with Herbal focus Full range of makeup essentials. Foundation, Nail Glitter, Lipstick and Eye makeup.
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